New From Dashfire: Orange, Spiced Apple, J. Thomas Bitters

Photo by Kevin Kramer // Growler Magazine

Photo by Kevin Kramer // Growler Magazine

You may have seen the shelf displays from Dashfire Bitters growing ever-larger in recent months. Lee Egbert is adding new tinctures and bitters faster than we can shake a daiquiri. Here are three of his latest releases for all your autumn imbibing:

Orange: The flavor of these new orange bitters are completely different from his bourbon barrel-aged flagship bitters, Vintage No. 1 Orange, that were first released in 2013. Instead, these are better suited to be your martini orange bitters—clean, sprightly citrus to wake up your clear spirits.

J. Thomas Decanter: These are aromatic bitters based on a recipe from Professor Jerry Thomas, the most important bartender of the 19th century. These are not entry-level bitters. They’re aggressively herbal and woodsy, made for the palate that appreciates the medicinal thwack of things like absinthe, Chartreuse, or fernet.

Spiced Apple: All of your September/October whiskey drinks would benefit from a dropper of these. Warm baking spices with a pure apple background. Your old fashioned will taste like a turnover.

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