Nora McInerny Purmort laughs, cries, and changes diapers in the face of pain

Though she has shared quite a bit of herself with readers online, McInerny Purmort’s new book is not simply a rehash of the stories she has shared through the blog.

“I tried not to go to the blog very often when I was writing the book,” she says. “I found myself getting very attached to my writing style, and it was also disorienting reading snippets of memories and remembering those moments.”

Additionally, McInerny Purmort says, while she embraces that her marriage and Aaron’s passing were significant moments in her life, she’s quick to point out that her story stretches beyond that period.

“All of your experiences make up who you are. Aaron is my life; Ralph is my life. I’m always going to be a person with a dead husband. He’ll always be a part of me and he’ll always be a part of Ralph, but I’ve had other experiences before and after that shaped me and I want to talk about those things.”

Ralph comes back in the room, arms flailing and head tipped back, making his boredom known. He flops into his mom’s lap, and a look of vulnerability washes across her face.

“Ralph knows he has a weird life,” she says with a sigh. “I’m not worried about him dealing with people online, but I definitely think about it. I never post anything bad about him that he would be upset about when he gets older, but I do include him because everything with Aaron dying happened to him, too.”

While she currently has her hands full with writing, promoting a book, and raising a child, McInerny Purmort has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

“I want to have writing be what I do,” she says. “I want to grow Still Kickin’ and make it a national and even international organization. I just want to keep doing everything. I want to follow Ralph around and play Legos.”

Her introspective moment is soon interrupted as the conversation finds its way back to Ralph and the current toilet-related dilemma.

“Do you need to pee?” she asks while Ralph sways back-and-forth. “If you do, I’d really like it if you would go in the toilet.”

Ralph ignores the request and leaves the room unfazed.

“I could sell a million copies of my book,” McInerny Purmort says, a twinge of defeat in her voice. “[But] it really doesn’t matter that much, because I’m still going to be wiping shit off of a kid’s balls.”

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