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Brother and sister Jesse and Ashley Hauf are about to open the first brewery in Anoka, Minnesota, but the siblings aren’t the only ones contributing to the family affair that is 10K Brewing.

On a recent Tuesday afternoon in the brewery, Ashley and Jesse’s father was busy sanding the original wood floors he’d helped uncover while their mom was handing out treats to the construction crew. “It’s kind of a whole family venture,” Ashley said. “Our dad is our contractor and our mom helps with marketing, too.”

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Posted by 10K Brewing on Monday, November 2, 2015


Jesse, who will be the head brewer, said he’d been tinkering with the idea of opening a brewery for a few years before he got serious about it. “I knew it was something I couldn’t do on my own,” he said. “It wasn’t until last Thanksgiving when I ran it past my sister and she just kept asking more and more about it and finally I said, ‘Well, you should come and do it with me.’ And she practically said yes right away.”

“I know that if he’s serious about something he’ll put the time and research into it, so it was almost a no-brainer,” Ashley echoed. Her background is in sales and marketing, so she’s managing that side of the business while Jesse prepares to graduate from his homebrew setup to 10K’s three-barrel brewing system.


Jesse and Ashley Hauf stand in front of a wall made of reclaimed barn wood in their Anoka, Minnesota, brewery // Photo by Keith Grauman

After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the build-out and getting the word out about the brewery via social media, both Ashley and Jesse say they’re surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reaction they’ve received. They’ve also decided to take it as a cue to invest in additional fermenters that will allow them to increase their capacity.

“When we started, we didn’t think that the entire city was going to explode over the fact of us moving in, but it has,” Ashley said. From people poking their heads in throughout the day and asking when they’re going to be open, to the work Jesse and Ashley did with the city of Anoka to help update its ordinances to allow for a brewery in the historic downtown district, all signs point to the city being excited for 10K’s Nov. 7 grand opening.


10K Brewing stripped layer upon layer of wall coverings and flooring to get down to the original brick walls and wood floors in their historic downtown Anoka location // Photo by Keith Grauman

When that day rolls around, 10K will have their northern blonde, oatmeal rye strong pale ale, 10K IPA, and hazelnut porter on tap. Soon after, they’ll put on a stout. Jesse also has plans to begin barrel-aging. From there, they’ll experiment by seeing what sells, and letting Jesse’s creativity run wild. “There’s really no beer out there that won’t be a possibility for us,” he said.

Initially, 10K will sell their beer at their taproom and in a few Anoka bars, though they plan to distribute packaged products within their first year. They’ll also sell mini growlers and have plans to purchase a crowler machine.


An interior floor plan for 10K Brewing sat out on the unfinished bar several weeks ago. The brewery hopes to be open by Labor Day. // Photo by Keith Grauman

Since Anoka is the “Halloween Capital of the World,” 10K is talking with the committee that organizes the town’s Halloween celebration about brewing a beer for the occasion and releasing it in a limited edition bottle or can. It’s through efforts like this, 10K’s Minnesota-centric logo, and getting the local community financially and emotionally invested in the brewery, that 10K has built a following they hope will become a dedicated customer base when their doors open.

Brewer: Jesse Hauf

Beer: Northern blonde, oatmeal rye strong pale ale, 10K IPA, hazelnut porter; stout, seasonals, and experimental beers to come

Visit: 2005 2nd Ave, Anoka, MN

Hours: Grand opening weekend: Nov. 7, 7pm-12am, Nov. 8, 1–5pm. Going forward: Wed–Thurs, 4–10pm; Fri, 4pm–12am; Sat, 1pm–12am

Online: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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