Oskar Blues Brewery Old Chub Nitro

BACCHUS_Oskar BluesOskar Blues Brewery Old Chub Nitro
8% ABV

“Brilliant” is the best adjective to describe this beer. Crack the can, pour vigorously, and be entertained as nitrogen bubbles meander to the top, swirling like a huge school of ocean fish swimming in unison. Once the head settles the beer is so black it actually absorbs light, dimming your surroundings and adding ambiance. Initially on the palate you notice the sweetness. It’s not nearly as dense and heavy as one would expect out of a Scottish strong ale. A very smooth and creamy mouthfeel complements the malty and maple syrup sweetness. Then a faint hint of coffee bitterness takes over, making this a well-rounded treat. There is a wee hint of smokiness in the background and it made me want to pair this with grilled turkey, gyros, and salmon.


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