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Green line, St. Paul

John Garland // Growler Magazine

Are you going to be drinking along the new light rail line this weekend? Well, of course you are. You’ll be zipping down University Avenue, enjoying the resplendent scenery that is Midway St. Paul, content to let Metro Transit be your day-long designated driver.

And since you’ve been worrying about light rail construction affecting local business, now’s your chance to go drink them back into the black. You’ll probably stop by a few places offering $4 pints of Summit in conjunction with their Off The Rails pub crawl. Or you might check out some music thanks to 89.3 The Current, or a host of other community and cultural events.

And we thought to remind you about some other good spots for a pint along the Green Line LRT. Readers: Any favorite watering holes on the central corridor I neglected here?


West Bank

This station, on the lower street level where Washington runs under Cedar Ave, is equidistant from Republic to the north and Acadia Cafe to the south. Of course, all the other Seven Corners and Cedar Ave. bars are just a small hike from there.

East Bank

This station is right in the middle of campus, so how about you backtrack a couple of blocks and get a classy happy hour at Campus Club, atop the Coffman Memorial Union. Or a wild card choice: Beacon Public House in the Commons Hotel is pretty decent as far as hotel bars go.

Stadium Village

You could backtrack to Stub & Herbs for some classic campus drinking, though it’s probably closer to the East Bank station.

Prospect Park / Westgate Station

I suppose you could grab a bottle at the U Garden, about the closest pint to Prospect Park, that is, until Surly’s destination brewery opens its doors a few blocks away.

Raymond Ave.

Take a quick stroll up Raymond Ave. to Foxy Falafel (happy hour, Tue-Fri 3-6, Sat 4-8) for a pint and some cheese curds. Or for a little longer hike from University, Bang Brewing is a few blocks up, and soon, so will be Urban Growler. You might even be able to sneak into the bar of Cafe Biaggio and have a quick one before the train comes.

Fairview Ave.

Walk a block north to visit Minnesota’s only 100% gluten free brewery. Burning Brothers is located at 1750 W Thomas Ave, just NE of the otherwise lacking stop at Fairview and University.

Snelling Ave.

It’s just not drinking on University and Snelling if it’s not at the Turf Club. But since they’re temporarily closed, why not tie one on at On’s Thai Kitchen?

Green Line

John Garland // Growler Magazine

Hamline Ave. / Lexington Parkway

Take a short jaunt four blocks north of Hamline and University to Groundswell, a neighborhood café with a rotating selection of craft beer on tap.

Victoria St.

Ngon Bistro is just a block east of Victoria, and could be the best place to drink in all of Midway St. Paul. The bar features a solid lineup of local favorites, plus a few barrel aged cocktails and great food. Relax out back on their patio.

Dale St. / Western Ave.

Almost exactly in the middle of these two stations is Family Lao Thai, where you should absolutely eat some of the finest food in Little Mekong. Mai Village is right on Western for a quick pint next to the station.

Capitol / Rice St. & Robert St.

The two stations on either side of the capitol building aren’t exactly convenient to any pubs.

10th St.

As the Green line snakes into downtown St. Paul (pictured, top) it stops at 10th Street – two blocks from the Rossmor Building, which houses Tin Whiskers and Black Sheep Pizza.

Central Station

You could walk a few blocks to a lot of places from this spot, but we’ve been known to enjoy a pint or two at Señor Wong, just a block away.

Union Depot

We really don’t have to tell you where to get a drink in Lowertown at the end of the Green Line. Throw a stone, hit a bar, enjoy a pint, and consult the transit schedule to plan your trip home.

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