Pour It On: The porron offers a splashy, exuberant way to share wine and cocktails with friends

Photo by Tj Turner

The narrow-spouted glass wine pitcher known as the porron has its origins in Catalonian food traditions, where it cuts a fine figure at spring onion festivals. Increasingly visible worldwide and affordably available online (a classic model costs less than $30), the porron is poised to change the way we drink for the better.

If you’ve never used a porron before, the key thing to know is that the vessel this pitcher is designed to fill is your mouth. Because liquid is poured from a porron in a strong, steady stream, experienced drinkers can fill a porron with wine, pass it around the table, and serve every guest without dirtying a single glass. (Shirts may be another story; it takes a bit of practice to start and stop a porron pour with zero spillage.)

The experience of passing wine around a table in a porron has all the fun of a German beer boot, with the added drama of newcomers nervously attempting the pour and exulting (or despairing) after the attempt. 

And while porrons are traditionally a vessel for wine, they’re also an ideal way to share a (low alcohol, non-carbonated) cocktail among a group of friends. The sense of spectacle, joyous camaraderie, and pure fun that they bring to an occasion is at the heart of the porron’s appeal—the dozen wine glasses you won’t be washing is a pure bonus.

Summer Porron Cocktail

375-millimeter bottle red or rose vermouth
1½ cups watermelon juice
The juice of 2 limes
A couple of eyedroppers of citrusy bitters

Pour all ingredients in the porron, mix it around a bit, and pass it around the table. It’ll be roughly 8–10%, but if you want to goose the ABV a tad, a shot of gin wouldn’t hurt anything.