Miraculum and more—Pryes releasing four new beers for opening weekend

Pryes new session IPA and red IPA // Photo by Kevin Kramer

Pryes new session IPA and red IPA // Photo by Kevin Kramer

Pryes Brewing has been synonymous with Miraculum IPA, the company’s sole beer brand in their first three years of operation. But this Saturday, they are opening the creative floodgates with four brand new beers that will be on draft at its brand new production brewery and taproom, located across the Mississippi River from Boom Island in Minneapolis.

Starting at 11am on June 17, patrons will get their first taste of these new beers, crafted by head brewer and founder Jeremy Pryes and brewer Gabe Smoley, at the brewery’s grand opening event.

On the tap list is a session IPA that Jeremy says is unlike any other session ale out there. The 4.2% IPA bursts with ripe mango and orange zest aromas that fully come through in the flavor profile as well. Fine carbonation gives the session IPA a lush mouthfeel and increases the quaffable nature of the beer. On the other end of the spectrum is a Red IPA that is malt-forward, with dark fruit and earthy aromas. The 8.1% ABV red IPA is formidable, with a bitter bite from the hops and a chewy body.

Also on tap this weekend will be a 5.4% ABV blonde ale that Pryes describes as bright with notes of lemon and peppercorn, and a rich, chocolatey, and smooth foreign extra stout clocking in at 7.0% ABV—beers that illustrate the breadth of styles Pryes is interested in brewing. Of course, the brewery’s flagship brand, Miraculum, will also be available at the taproom in its regular form, and also on nitro.

Stay tuned for more information about Pryes new brewery in The Growler’s Now Open (Or Damn Close) column.

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