Recipe: Thomas Boemer’s Turtle Soup

Thomas Boemer's Turtle Soup // Photo by Wing Ta

Thomas Boemer’s Turtle Soup // Photo by Wing Ta

In December, Thomas Boemer invited Minnesota Spoon’s Steve Hoffman to witness him work magic over a makeshift outdoor wood-fire stove, which is serving as the de facto test kitchen for Boemer and business partner Nick Rancone’s new restaurant concept in the Keg & Case Market. Over open flames, Boemer prepared Lake Superior herring fillet, pork shoulder, and this elevated take on turtle soup with a rich potato-based broth and yakitori-style grilled snapping turtle.

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Thomas Boemer’s Turtle Soup

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1 pound turtle meat, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 pound small waxy potatoes
2 shallots
4 garlic cloves
3 spruce tips
5 juniper berries
2 quarts vegetable stock
1 teaspoon birch syrup
1 teaspoon soy


Slow roast potatoes, garlic, and shallots over fire until tender. Place in pot with stock, juniper berries, and spruce tips.

Season turtle meat with salt and pepper and truss on skewers. Combine soy and birch syrup to form glaze. Roast turtle over fire until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees and glaze each side.

Mash a few of the potatoes to give the broth some body, season to taste, and add cooked turtle meat. Garnish with fresh herbs and lettuces.