Romance Built on Beer

Hops, Malt and Lifelong Memories


By Jeremy Zoss

On May 21, Angela Laidlaw and her boyfriendJared Jensen headed to Dangerous Man Brewing Company with their friend Max Lee and some Indian food. It started off as an ordinary trip, as the couple spent a lot of time at taprooms. Both are craft beer fans, and Jensen had been homebrewing since before he could legally buy beer. But Laidlaw had some suspicions that something was different on this trip, because her boyfriend was being a little cagey and Lee was carrying a camera.

“I was completely oblivious,” said Laidlaw. “I noticed the camera, but I chose not to say anything.”

The couple had a round of beers and ate some food, then Jensen announced that they could go on a quick tour of Dangerous Man’s brewery whenever they liked.

“I was like, ‘they’ll just give people a tour whenever?’” said Laidlaw. “And Jared said they would if they weren’t busy and he asked nicely.”

The couple headed back behind the bar to tour the brewery, camera-toting friend friend and tour guide close behind. The tour guide called Angela up to look into the mash tun. That’s when Jensen sprung his surprise.

“I got down on one knee at the top of the stairs,” he said.

“And literally all he says is ‘Hey Angela.’ And I turn around and he’s kneeling,” added Laidlaw. “I just started laughing. Probably not the reaction he was looking for. I could not stop, because I was so taken aback by it. But of course I said yes after laughing for a while.”

Jensen said Dangerous Man was the right place for his proposal because of their shared love of craft beer, an interest the young couple cultivated together. Both were drinking (and in Jensen’s case, brewing) Minnesota craft beer before they met, but together their passion for it grew stronger and broader. It was an important part of their relationship, and Dangerous Man is a key symbol of that shared interest.

“It’s her favorite taproom,” said Jensen. “They make her favorite beer, the cream ale.”

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