Romance Built on Beer

Jensen and Laidlaw are amongst the increasing number of couples that share an equal passion for Minnesota craft beer, in defiance of the old, incorrect stereotype that it’s strictly a “guy thing.” Lindsey Kimball and Mark Fangmeier, who will be wed this fall, are another example of a truly shared love of beer.

“Pretty much everything we do together revolves around beer or music or both,” said Fangmeier.

“They’re both passionate interests for us,” added Kimball. “The music really set the foundation, but beer and music really go hand in hand.”

“I was completely oblivious,” said Laidlaw. “I noticed the camera, but I chose not to say anything.”

Fangmeier and Kimball spend a lot of time at craft beer bars and concert venues and homebrew together, but the centerpiece of their beer romance is the week-longweeklong “brewcation” the couple took to tour breweries in Colorado. While there, they visited Great Divide, Odell, New Belgium, Funkworks, Left Hand, Oskar Blues, and several more taprooms, large and small. Most importantly, the couple got engaged on the trip, at the top of one of Colorado’s scenic overlooks.


“We were hiking to offset the beer calories,” said Kimball.

The couple brought home growlers from the many breweries they visited to use as centerpieces for the wedding dinner, which will feature courses from Chowgirls Catering paired with Fulton Beer. Their wedding invitations feature art by Adam Turman, which also adorns the pint glasses and coasters guests will take home. And after the wedding, the couple will embark on another brewcation, one that most craft beer fans would die for.

“Seven nights in Brussels,” said Fangmeier.

“We’ll probably hit up a bunch of the must-see breweries,” said Kimball.

You may be wondering if there’s any part of their wedding that doesn’t feature beer in some way.

“So far Lindsey hasn’t let me incorporate too much into the ceremony,” said Fangmeier.

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