Sessionable is Here to Stay: Schell’s to Release Arminius, Hoppy Pale Lager

The “Legendary” hoppy pale lager to bend German tradition

Schells Arminius Can

August Schell Brewing has been in the business of brewing classic German styles for 154 years. From bocks, to kölsch, Gose, and Berliner weisse, Schell’s is dedicated to tradition, but the brewery is excited to announce a new beer that is a radical departure from their signature lagers.

Arminius is a hoppy lager with a fruity, floral aroma and is the latest addition to the ever-expanding lineup of German craft beers at Schell’s. By brewing and double dry hopping Arminius with over 2.5 pounds of German, French, and American hops per barrel, chosen for their delicate floral and citrusy characters, the beer has a hop profile similar to a west-coast IPA.

Herman the German // Photo courtesy of He Runyu, Trip Advisor

Herman the German // Photo courtesy of He Runyu, Trip Advisor

The beer is named after Arminius, the legendary chieftain of the Germanic Cheruscan tribe, though residents of New Ulm may know him better as Herman the German. Aminius’ coalition of Germanic tribes famously defeated three Roman legions in the year 9 A.D., permanently establishing the border of Germany that still exists today. Herman Heights Monument, the third largest copper statue in the United States, sits atop the hill overlooking Schell’s Brewery and the town of New Ulm. His eastward gaze and upraised sword signify freedom from Rome.

“We’ve produced a lot of beers in the past 154 years,” said Jace Marti, Brewmaster and sixth generation Schell’s family member. “We’re proud of our rich history, and we are continuously writing our story and finding new ways to expand German Craft. This beer is bold and courageous, just like Arminius himself.”

Arminius will be hitting shelves and taps this May and can be found wherever Schell’s products are sold. Visit Schell’s website for more information on Arminius and the brewery.


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