Slay to Gourmet: 3 Recipes from the Larder

Photos by Matt Lien

It’s that time of year again where hunters and fishermen alike find themselves in a lull. Fishing shacks are gone from the quickly receding sheets of ice on the lakes and rivers, and deer stands are abandoned until the next season opener. I, myself, am anxiously waiting for the upcoming turkey season and getting to pick ramps out of the warming ground. However, this lull in seasons does provide a chance to start using game reserves from the freezer. For this Slay to Gourmet I’m going to look at a few dishes you can prepare with game you might already have in your larders.

The heritage outerwear company Filson recently invited me into their Minneapolis store to provide food for the launch of the Filson line of watches. It was a great opportunity to bring the Slay to Gourmet concept to life. The dishes I decided to serve were rabbit terrine sliders with giardiniera and mustard, skewered bison sirloin with a compound butter, and lastly, cured corvine on root vegetable chips with crème fraîche and cilantro. There were also oysters being shucked on the spot to round out the menu.

Terrines are basically a glorified meatloaf that take a delicate hand to master. If done right, they can be one of the greatest ways to prepare meats. They’re also flexible, allowing you to use many different kinds of game. The following terrine recipe works well with rabbit, but could be done with duck, woodcock, grouse or pretty much anything that you have on hand. Likewise, the bison recipe transfers well to venison, and the cured corvina recipe works well with steelhead trout or salmon.

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