Solo Vino Rosé Tent Tasting and Buyer’s Guide


Spring is in the air. Across this great state, grills are firing up, picnic blankets are being ironed, hammocks are being hung. It’s pink wine season, people, and it officially begins with Chuck Kanski’s annual Solo Vino Rosé Tent Tasting.

It’s the seventh year for the event being held this Sunday from 2-5pm. The big tent will go up once again in the Solo Vino parking lot (NOT the German-American Institute as previously announced). There will be Kramaczuk’s sausages for snacking alongside 100 Mediterranean-style rosés, 2 dozen white wines, and a dozen light summer reds.

Tickets are available on Solo Vino’s website, or for $35 at the door, but try to reserve them ahead so Chuck can get an accurate count for glassware. “I think this is one of the largest outside parties where you actually get a real glass,” he speculates. We prodded him for a few tips on getting the most out of your pink wine dollars this spring:

SoloViniBest Everyday Rosé for 2015: Guilhem

“Mas de Daumas Gassac Moulin de Gassac Guilhem Rosé, but we just call it Guilhem Rosé,” says Chuck. “It’s a beautiful, gentle grenache-based rosé from southern France. ($10.99, 40% grenache, 40% carignan, 20% syrah.) We like this wine so much, we also have a red and white at the same price. It’s a perfect line-up if you need to grab and go for a picnic or barbecue.”

Best Weekend Rosé for 2015: Something German

For a nicer Friday night dinner, Chuck sees one country’s pink wines fitting the bill. “It’s a strong showing of German rosés this year. They have a strong possibility of taking most, if not all, of the top ten spots for the season. Prices will range between $12.99 to $24.99.”

A few names to look for: Von Buhl, Becker, Rebholz, Meyer-Nakel, Pfeffingen (we also dig their riesling), Fritz, Wagner Stempel, and Schafer Frohlich.

Hands-Down Best Rosé for 2015: Umathum Rosa, $22.99

This zweigelt-blaufrankish-st. laurent blend from Austria, Chuck’s already calling the rosé of the year. “One of the more striking colors I’ve ever seen, it’ll age for another four to six years, and that’s unique in that style as well,” Chuck says. “It’s a rosé that drinks like still red wine. And when your palate meets a world class wine, it knows it. Seriously! I’m not sure I’ve tasted a better wine (white/red/whatever) in years. Hands down my favorite wine today!”

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