Standing in Solidarity for Lasting Justice: A message from Gray Duck Media on the killing of George Floyd


As people gather today to mourn the killing of George Floyd and celebrate his life, Gray Duck Media, the parent company of The Growler Magazine and The Beer Dabbler, stands in solidarity with our local community in demanding justice for Mr. Floyd and lasting changes to the systems that have allowed such injustices to persist.

Our mission has always been to foster community and bring people together. Maybe you’ve been to our Beer Dabbler festivals and seen 10,000 strangers bonding over beer under a furious snowstorm. Maybe you went to the new brewery or restaurant we featured and met the brewer or the bartender. Perhaps you supported a local artist or craftsperson when you learned their studio is just down the road.

As we continue with this work, we cannot ignore that not everyone feels welcome or safe here. In fact, many of our neighbors who are black, indigenous, and people of color don’t feel welcome or safe at all.

We cannot ignore that some Americans with dreams of opening their own restaurant, brewery, or distillery don’t have the same access to loans and capital investments as others. In fact, African Americans are twice as likely to be turned down for business loans as white Americans.

We cannot ignore that the craft beer industry has significant problems when it comes to racial diversity. The industry—including our own company—is still disproportionately white. And incidents of overt racism are being perpetrated against people of color either working in the industry or just trying to enjoy a damn beer.

We recognize that it’s our responsibility to not simply acknowledge the problems of racial and social injustice, but to actively take a role in solving them by amplifying BIPOC voices in our community and denouncing the voices of hate and bigotry. We are committed to publishing more stories by and about people of color in the pages of the magazine and shining a light on inequality, in pursuit of making our community one in which every individual is valued, seen, and welcome.

If you’re a freelance writer, photographer, or artist of color interested in working with The Growler, or if you simply want to share an experience, an idea, or your thoughts with us, contact [email protected].

Brian Kaufenberg
The Growler Magazine & Gray Duck Media