Star Keller Brewing Company will open to the public in March


Schell’s Brewmaster Jace Marti is the man behind the new Star Keller Brewing Company // Photo courtesy of August Schell Brewing Company

Almost four years ago I made the trek down to August Schell Brewing Company in New Ulm, Minnesota, for the launch of their Goosetown Gose. We sampled the new beer, then enjoyed a few more samples in the tasting room before Jace Marti, the sixth generation brewmaster at Schell’s, offered a special tour of the state’s oldest brewing facility. I got to chatting with Jace about some big ideas he had about what the state’s oldest brewery would look like in the future. “I think wild beers are sort of the last frontier in the craft beer world,” said Marti as he led me through the brick and stone corridors of the 157-year-old brewery, arriving at a giant cypress tank nestled snuggly into the brewhouse. Neither of us knew it then, but the beer we tasted off the tank that day was the beginning of a new era for Marti and the whole August Schell Brewing Company family.

In just a few short years, Jace’s dream of crafting original, wild beers in the Berliner Weiss style has blossomed from a boutique idea that might have led to a few special one-offs, to a fully fledged brewery operating an entirely separate facility on an entirely separate site across town from the family’s legendary original campus. The new project has been dubbed Star Keller Brewing Company.

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According to a post on Facebook today, on Friday, March 3rd, and Saturday, March 4th (the same day as Schell’s annual Bock Fest), from 4-8pm, Star Keller Brewing Company will open their doors for a soft opening “to let drinkers come in and enjoy the magic of the new tap room.”

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