The State of Sours: An update on Minnesota’s funkiest beers

Insight Brewing

Insight Brewing announces its new sour program // Photo via

Insight Brewing announces its new sour program // Photo via

Ilan Klages-Mundt of Insight Brewing spilled the beans on the brewery’s intention to launch a sour program back in November of 2015 at a preview of its two barrel-aged anniversary beers.

“Next year we’ll have 16 barrels for Gravity Well, and we’re also going to delve into sours quite a bit this next year,” Klages-Mundt said at the event. “I love sours, I absolutely love them. Unfortunately they take a long time to make.”

Klages-Mundt and Insight’s newly hired head brewer Ryan Mihm (formerly of Allagash and New Belgium) are working on barrel-aged sours that will likely be released in early 2017. According to a Beerploma, the brewery has 40 barrels currently aging Gravity Well, an imperial stout. They will be filled with an English-style barleywine next, and then will be available to the sour program.

Birch’s on the Lake Brewhouse & Supperclub

Birch's on the Lake kettle-soured peach ale

Birch’s on the Lake kettle-soured peach ale

Brennan Greene at Birch’s on the Lake Brewhouse & Supperclub is all about changing things up. As soon as one beer is out another style takes it’s place on the ever-changing tap list. Among those offerings over the course of the brewpub’s first year, the tap list has featured at least two sour beers: a kettle-soured peach ale and a boysenberry gose.

As you venture toward the back of the brewhouse though, a small collection of oak barrels signals that Greene is interested in more than just kettle sours. The six used red wine barrels are filled with Birch’s interpretation of a Flanders-style oud bruin. “It’s basically a Belgian brown ale with cherries from Oregon Fruit Products and the Roselare blend [of yeast and bacteria],” said Greene in an interview in May 2016.

Summit Brewing

Summit Peach Berliner Weisse

Summit Peach Berliner Weisse

Summit Brewing‘s yearlong 30th Anniversary celebration has been filled with all kinds of interesting one-off beers. Recently the St. Paul brewery wrapped up a multi-night release of several taproom-only Berliner weisses as a part of the 30th Anniversary Team Brew Series.

Included in the releases were Berliner weisses with cranberry, lingonberry, tangerine, and peach.

Stay tuned as this post is updated with more information about sours being made in Minnesota.

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