Stout-Braised Chuck Roast, Big Wood Blue Cheesecake & Barleywine Fig Compote


Preheat oven to 350°F. Season the chuck roast liberally with salt and pepper on all sides.

Heat a large Dutch oven or enameled cast iron braising pot on stove top. When hot, add vegetable oil to pan. Place roast into hot oiled pot. Allow meat to develop a rich, golden brown color then turn and repeat on all sides of the roast. Remove and set aside.

Add carrot, celery, garlic, and onions to the pot. Stir vegetables until they begin to show signs of color. Add tomato paste and stir constantly for about 30 seconds. Do not allow tomato paste to burn. Deglaze with red wine. Stir and allow red wine to reduce slightly. Add Worcestershire and half (15 oz) of the beef stock. Place chuck roast back into braising pot. Add the 2 bottles of stout, rosemary, bay leaf, and thyme. Use remaining beef stock to submerge beef in liquid. If additional liquid is needed, use more beef stock or a little water.


Allow the liquid to come to a simmer, cover the pot with a heavy lid. Place in oven at 350°F. After 1 hour, reduce heat to 250°F, and cook for another 6 hours. Cooking time may vary based on the size of your roast, your oven, etc.

When the roast is done it should be soft and pull apart easily. Remove from pot. Reserve cooking liquid by straining out and discarding solids. Pull meat into large pieces, discarding fat. Add back just enough of the cooking liquid to keep the meat moist. The remaining braising liquid can be saved to make a quick Stout Gravy (see below). Serve with warm bread, potatoes, polenta, spaetzle, or oven-roasted vegetables.


Beer Pairing

This dish finds harmony with many malt-forward beers. Boom Island Hoodoo Dubbel and Badger Hill Double Cherry Dunkel make welcome dinner companions with this Stout Braised Chuck Roast or your holiday goose, turkey, or ham.


Big Woods Blue Cheesecake

½             lb Shepherd’s Way Big Woods Bluecheese (or other full-flavored blue cheese)

1½          lb cream cheese

¾             cup sugar

½             cup sour cream


¼             cup all-purpose flour

2              Tbsp dry vermouth

1              tsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

1              tsp pure vanilla extract

4              Tbsp butter, melted

2              cups shortbread cookies, crushed

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