Summit EPA atop ‘Most Underrated Beers in America’ list

Summit rebranding

The beer that has defined Summit Brewing Company for the past 29 years doesn’t get the love it deserves, according to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, which listed Summit EPA atop their 9 Most Underrated Beers in America list.

“This classic pale ale has been Summit’s flagship beer since 1986,” the description states. “Almost 30 years later, it’s a fridge staple that has won several medals at the Great American Beer Festival. Despite this beer’s history and accolades, it’s surprisingly often skipped in conversations about the best American pale ales.”

With today’s craft-beer culture often focused on the newest, wildest, and rarest beers on the market, it’s a worthy reminder not to forget beers like EPA that helped pave the trail and have stood the test of time.

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