Surly announces new Featured Artist for 2014

Illustrator and Designer Erica Williams tapped to create artwork for Surly’s anniversary beer, SurlyFest, and Darkness in 2014

Surly Featured Artist 2014 – Erica Williams

Surly Featured Artist 2014 – Erica Williams // Photo courtesy of Surly Brewing Company’s Facebook

Erica Williams is a Minneapolis-based artist and illustrator who produces screen printed posters and apparel for touring bands, letterpress prints, and work for group exhibitions. Now she joins the talented list of Surly Featured Artists to create the artwork for SurlyFest 2014, Surly Darkness 2014, and Surly Nine—Surly’s anniversary beer. She describes her style as having “macabre tendencies, and subtle romanticism with nature and lore.” View examples of Erica’s work at her website,

From Surly Brewing Company:

Erica’s detailed and elegant method is going to bring a great new style to our annual series. We’re looking forward to collaborating and enhancing the presentation of our beer and events, from the twisted creatures of Darkness, to the celebratory SurlyFest, and on into the mystery of the beer that will be our Ninth Anniversary brew. (Our Eighth Anniversary label is being designed by Josh Lemke, who also did this year’s Darkness and Surlyfest. That beer will be out . . . . when it’s done!)

To the Artists of Surly Nation who submitted work for consideration—we were blown away by your passion and talent. Reviewing your work has inspired us to create even more opportunities for local artists, and to increase Surly’s partnership with the art community. Though we could only choose one featured artist for 2014, we will have additional opportunities upcoming, so stay tuned.

Update: Below is the label for the 2014 Darkness

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