Swedish Egg Coffee for Backcountry Camping

By Christopher Ferguson
Swedish Egg Coffee // Photos by Christopher Ferguson, The Iron Buzz

Swedish Egg Coffee // Photos by Christopher Ferguson, The Iron Buzz

While in the Boundary Waters, you’ll want a cup of coffee to enjoy with the misty sunrises. My personal favorite is Swedish egg coffee, a delicious, mellow cup of coffee, just the way the Swedes used to on the boat. The old Swedes were sick of percolated coffee, which tasted horrible, so they found that this method utilized the calcium carbonate in the shells and the enzymes in the egg to neutralize bitterness and acid within the coffee. You can still find Swedish Egg Coffee in many Minnesota Lutheran church basement potlucks and even at our State Fair. Here’s how you make it.

You’ll need:

1 jumbo egg for each batch.
9 cups of water
2 Tbsp of coarse ground coffee for each cup of water
1 separate cup of cold water

To Make:

1. Crush the egg into a cup, and be sure to crush up the shells. Mix egg, shells, and yolks with     ALL of the coffee grounds. Stir it until it’s like mud. If it seems really dry, add an extra egg.

2. Boil the 9 cups of water

3. Once the water is boiling, add your mix of coffee/egg sludge.

4. Boil for five-ten minutes.

5. Remove from heat. Take the final cup of COLD water and gently pour in a spiral over the pot of coffee. The cold water will cause all of the eggs to adhere to the grounds and precipitate to the bottom, while an insanely mellow and smooth cup of coffee remains. Drink. Enjoy!


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