Modist Brewing turning boil kettle into hot tub for first anniversary party

Modist Brewing Company was built on a philosophy of “modifying” traditional beer styles and brewing practices in the name of imagination and experimentation. Over their first year in business, Modist has put that philosophy into practice by releasing beers like their First Call Cold Press Coffee Lager and German Fat Cap, a German festbier and … [ Read more]

W.A. Frost to celebrate 40th anniversary, Feb. 23-24

W.A. Frost and Company celebrates its first 40 years as one of the premier restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities with a two-night-long birthday party, February 23-24. The Cathedral Hill restaurant and bar will feature a selection of favorite appetizers from past and present menus, along with live entertainment and prizes, each of the … [ Read more]

Fitger’s Brewhouse turns 20, releases annual Cherry Batch

Duluth’s iconic brewpub is turning 20 years old this week and is celebrating with the release of its annual Cherry Batch, a red ale with nearly 1,000 pounds of Door County cherries. After 20 years, the brewpub is seeing some major changes with co-founder Tim Nelson selling his stake to business partner Rod Raymond, and with the … [ Read more]

Bent Paddle Brewing celebrates its 1st Festiversary this Saturday, May 17

Happy 1st birthday to Bent Paddle Brewing Company.  The 30bbl brewery in Duluth, Minnesota, made quite a splash in the craft beer community in their first year and are going to celebrate with an outdoor festival Saturday, May 17 in the brewery’s Lincoln parking lot from 12–6pm. “We are so grateful to the overwhelming response … [ Read more]

Northbound Smokehouse Anniversary Party

When Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub opened in 2012, they did so with the help of funds raised from the sale of 80 Beer for Life Memberships – $1,000 donations to the start up, in exchange for free beer for the life of the individual (or the bar).  To show their thanks on their first anniversary, … [ Read more]