Keepsake Cidery and Toastie Farm OPEN Weekends

Get off the beaten path and visit Keepsake Cidery’s orchard, cider house, and toastie farm in Dundas, MN. Just a short drive from the Twin Cities and Rochester, Keepsake Cidery offers a unique experience for the whole family. Hard cider, kombucha, and pops to drink with local sourced, house made grilled cheese and rotating seasonal … [ Read more]

The Growler’s Field Guide to Cider

Cider seems like a straightforward drink. We’re all familiar with apple juice and the concept of fermentation, and, at its core, cider is just a combination of the two. But in practice, the beverage is far more complicated. Because what about pear cider? Or rhubarb cider? What are those drinks? And what about those ciders … [ Read more]

The Johnny Appleseed of South Minneapolis: Jeff Zeitler is planting a neighborhood urban orchard

Jeff Zeitler, co-owner of Urban Forage Winery & Cider House, isn’t your typical farmer. With a focus on what he calls “urban agriculture,” he strives to crowdsource all of his ingredients from the landscape around him. But urban areas have limited green space to grow fruit on a large scale, which is how he came … [ Read more]

Minnesota Cider Fair 2017

To celebrate the arrival of fall and peak cider season, the MN Cider Guild is throwing a party: the second-annual Minnesota Cider Fair, taking place Sunday, October 22, at Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard. Cideries from around the state will set up shop at the idyllic 330-acre orchard to pour samples and chat with attendees about … [ Read more]

J. Carver Distillery to release Rye Whiskey and Apple Brandy

The second wave of Minnesota craft spirits is taking shape, as distilleries are beginning to  release aged spirits to complement their gins and vodkas. Vikre Distillery just announced the release of their first aged whiskey, and now, a Waconia whiskey is ready for the spotlight. J. Carver Distillery has announced via press release the debut of … [ Read more]

Honeycrisp Apples Dissed by The New York Times

The New York Times is back to misrepresenting Minnesota food. Last year, it was “Grape Gate.” This year, they’re attacking the Honeycrisp, labeling our state’s beloved apple as “soft and quickly dissolving in the mouth,” with an inconsistent flavor that fades in long storage. The paper goes on to shower praise on the Washington-bred Cosmic Crisp. … [ Read more]

Leidel’s Hebron Cider

 By John Garland Mitch Leidel’s family has been on the same plot of land north of La Crescent, MN since the mid-1800s. His great-grandfather planted the orchard in 1917, on which his grandfather worked his entire life. Looking for new sources of revenue to keep the farm alive, Leidel’s Cider was born after consultation with Levi Funk (a … [ Read more]