Craft beer wears the crown in Brisbane’s clash of beer cultures

Two types of beer were historically acceptable in Australia—cold and very cold. Given more than one-third of the world’s sixth largest country by area is effectively desert, it’s unsurprising light and easy lager was most common to quench the nation’s thirst. But Australians, whose reputation for enjoying a few icy beers around a barbecue is … [ Read more]

Scientists brew historic beer using yeast found in a 220-year old shipwreck

A team of scientists has revived yeast microbes from a 220-year-old bottle of beer found preserved and intact in an Australian shipwreck, and has used the culture to brew a modern beer with 18-century flavors. According to Live Science, the yeast was recovered from a bottle of beer aboard the wreck of the British trading ship, … [ Read more]

Want to Sound Australian? Drink more.

Public speaking and communications lecturer Dean Frenkel doesn’t buy that the Australian accent was developed through a mixing of dialects. His explanation: heavy drinking. “Our forefathers regularly got drunk together and through their frequent interactions unknowingly added an alcoholic slur to our national speech patterns,” Frenkel, who works at Victoria University, wrote in a piece for The … [ Read more]

Cargill Purchases Australia’s Largest Malt Producer for $373M

Cargill, Inc., based out of Minnetonka, MN, is closing on a deal with Glencore Xstrata for its Joe White Maltings unit (which Glencore acquired through a $6.2B takeover of a Canadian grain handler). The deal will cost Cargill a cool $373 million. Cargill already has a portfolio of ten malting plants in markets like North … [ Read more]