Competitive ‘cue: Blue ribbons and contradictions on the barbecue circuit

Twelve chicken thighs are removed from the pit. They are all identical—bones manicured, skin trimmed, dusted with seasoning. They’re dipped in a bowl of barbecue sauce, salted, and placed on a sheet of tinfoil. They look less like chicken than the polished knobs of a mahogany armoire. This chicken is perfect, but also, it’s not … [ Read more]

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Lee’s and Dee’s and Me: A Barbeque Reflection

Our contributing editor meditates on BBQ from one of St. Paul’s finest neighborhood gems Photos by Daniel Murphy You might find Lee Smith on the corner of Victoria Street and Selby Avenue in St. Paul. You might hear a car honk its horn as it passes by and see Lee, sitting in a chair, waving … [ Read more]