Forager Brewery launching new beer brand Humble Forager for distribution

Since opening in 2015, the only way to get your hands on Forager Brewery’s beer has been to visit the Rochester brewpub. But soon the brewery’s beers will be distributed under a new beer brand set to launch in early 2020—Humble Forager Brewery. Humble Forager Brewery will use recipes developed at Forager Brewery to produce … [ Read more]

Will You Brew My Beer?

The once maligned practice of contract brewing is on the rise—and no one seems to care. Aswift-moving forklift pulls pallet after pallet of canned beer from a large cooler and loads them methodically into a trailer truck destined for a distributor. The beer was brewed with the best ingredients to meet detailed specifications of ABV, … [ Read more]

Barley John’s packaging Dark Knight this fall, tapping kegs this July

Dark Knight, a perennial crowd pleaser at Barley John’s Brewpub in New Brighton is set to make its production debut in packaged form this fall at new production facility Barley John’s Brewery of New Richmond, Wisconsin. The bourbon aged, double fermented Old 8 Porter has been a fan favorite for years. Barley John’s is hosting … [ Read more]

Brewer Profile: JT Dalton of Barley John’s Brewing Company

Artist. Teacher. Cook. Car detailer. Brewer. Not many people have a resume quite as colorful or diverse as JT Dalton. The 31-year-old grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota, and never had a clear direction of what he wanted to do beyond make art, skateboard, and snowboard. After high school, he moved to Minneapolis and started racing … [ Read more]

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The increasingly blurry line between brewpubs and breweries

Brewpubs and breweries both have “brew” in their titles and both places serve beer; and that’s largely where the similarities between the two business models end—or at least where they used to. Brewpubs and breweries are separate entities, each with its own definition and set of possibilities and limitations, and each offering owners very different business opportunities. However, the legislation passed in … [ Read more]

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Now Open: Barley John’s Brewing Company

Growth is an integral part of any business, and beer is no exception. Due to state laws governing brewpubs, opportunity to grow Barley John’s Brew Pub in New Brighton, Minnesota, was limited, so owner John Moore decided to hop the state border and open a production brewery in New Richmond, Wisconsin. Located about 35 miles … [ Read more]