Tap into brewing knowledge with Modist Brewing’s ‘Beer Smarts’ series

Barley + water + hops + yeast = beer. Seems simple, right? Well, there’s more to beer than just that. Through a series of events, Modist Brewing is putting on a six-week education program starting November 21. Held in the North Loop brewery’s taproom, the one-hour “Beer Smarts” sessions will focus on a specific area … [ Read more]

Get your beer education on at Better Beer Society University

The Better Beer Society announced yesterday that this year, it will be introducing the next chapter of Better Beer Society University with a handful of courses. Beer 101 is a nine-week orientation course aimed at educating students on the fundamentals of beer, as well as the industry that creates and supports it. It offers students a “well-rounded … [ Read more]

More universities offering craft beer business classes

The University of Vermont, Portland State University, the University of Portland, and San Diego State University are among the schools in the U.S. to have “business of craft beer” programs on their rosters, reports the Star Tribune. The trend follows the growth of craft breweries; there are currenlty more than 4,000 in the U.S. today, from more than 1,400 in … [ Read more]

Better Beer Society University enrolling for fall semester

College. For many, the word is synonymous with crowded parties and cheap kegs. The Better Beer Society University (BBSU), just as its name suggests, is like any other semester of college—except for one, big difference: the beer is a lot better. The BBSU is a 12-week course that offers students the opportunity to learn from local and … [ Read more]

Better Beer Society University’s Spring Semester Starts Tonight

Craft beer is serious business. The impact of craft beer on the economy and culture of the Twin Cities has developed expeditiously over the past few years. And as is the case with many young industries—there can be a pretty steep learning curve. The quick-growing micro industry of craft beer in Minnesota is undoubtedly a work in progress, but … [ Read more]

Alliance for Beer Education

After months of planning Michael Agnew, from A Perfect Pint, and Rob Shellman, from Better Beer Society, announce the creation of the Alliance for Beer Education (ABE). This alliance is a joint project that aims to provide quality beer education programs for Minnesota’s beer festivals. Beer Education is crucial right now in Minnesota, thanks to the … [ Read more]