Welcome summer at the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest

The St. Paul Summer Beer Fest, now in its eighth year, boasts all the things we enjoy about summer: craft beer, summer sun, live music, and food trucks, all set in the iconic and quintessential representative of summer: the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This year’s St. Paul Summer Beer Fest will be held Saturday, June 4, at … [ Read more]

Autumn Brew Review 2015 Recap

There is a quote often attributed to Benjamin Franklin that reads, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” While the evidence suggests the original quote was about wine and not beer, craft beer fans will never argue with the sentiment. Nor would anyone argue with the phrase, “Autumn Brew Review … [ Read more]

A brew fest for brewers… and we’re all invited

There’s something special about the Hopped Up Caribou Beer Festival Master Brewer Dave Hoops has been to more than his fair share of beer festivals in his 20-plus years of brewing at Fitger’s Brewhouse. He doesn’t hesitate to speak honestly about what it can be like for the people on his side of the jockey … [ Read more]

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Northern Lights Rare Beer Festival: Q&A with co-founder Juno Choi

The Northern Lights Rare Beer Festival is coming at the end of March, and soon tickets may be as rare as the beer. The Northern Lights Rare Beer Festival is right around the corner — just in time for spring. On March 29th this unique beer festival will features truly rare beers from 30 national breweries and 10 … [ Read more]

Alliance for Beer Education

After months of planning Michael Agnew, from A Perfect Pint, and Rob Shellman, from Better Beer Society, announce the creation of the Alliance for Beer Education (ABE). This alliance is a joint project that aims to provide quality beer education programs for Minnesota’s beer festivals. Beer Education is crucial right now in Minnesota, thanks to the … [ Read more]