What’s the ABV? Transparency in beer labeling

Seven years ago, I was living in Ghent, Belgium. Though I had been a fan of craft beer for years, Belgium is where I learned the hard way about the wide variance of alcohol content between different styles. I hadn’t yet been introduced to the Belgian golden strong ale or tripel—two drinkable yet shockingly potent … [ Read more]

Minnesota’s brand label registration system goes online

Every beer sold in the state of Minnesota, whether it’s a one-off at a local taproom, a Belgian import, or craft beer produced in another state, must be registered with the Minnesota Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (AGED). Until about a month ago, that registration process was completed on paper and processed manually by the state. … [ Read more]

The Government Shutdown and Its Effect on Beer

By Joe Alton and Brian Kaufenberg The government has shut down. We go about our daily lives, accepting that Washington is broken and that this ridiculous stalemate, bemoaned by citizens from every political view, could drag on for a while. While not all of us are affected as directly or dramatically as the more than 800,000 … [ Read more]