Opinion: Let Minnesota breweries sell taproom customers what they really want: 6-packs & 4-packs

Chris Kolve is co-founder of Wabasha Brewing Company in St. Paul. The opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author. There has been a lot of talk about the “growler cap” in Minnesota recently and while it’s good for everyone to know about the regulations that affect them, I think it’s important to have … [ Read more]

Liquor omnibus bill dies on last day of session

After passing different versions of a liquor omnibus bill, the Minnesota House and Senate were unable to come to an agreement on a final version of the bill yesterday, the last day of the 2017 regular legislative session. With large budget bills still outstanding when the clock struck midnight, a special session was called so … [ Read more]

Minnesota House tables liquor omnibus bill

Several Minnesota laws related to alcohol were up for discussion at the House of Representatives on Monday under a liquor omnibus bill approved by the Senate in early April. The bill included provisions related to craft breweries, microdistilleries, and farm wineries; however, an amendment successfully introduced by Rep. Debra Hilstrom (DFL–Brooklyn Center) removed most of them … [ Read more]

What’s the ABV? Transparency in beer labeling

Seven years ago, I was living in Ghent, Belgium. Though I had been a fan of craft beer for years, Belgium is where I learned the hard way about the wide variance of alcohol content between different styles. I hadn’t yet been introduced to the Belgian golden strong ale or tripel—two drinkable yet shockingly potent … [ Read more]

Dry, no more: Ephraim, Wisconsin, passes referendum to allow beer and wine sales

The last dry town in Wisconsin is dry no more. Voters in the Village of Ephraim, a small town in Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula, voted to end the 163-year ban on beer and wine sales. According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, residents of Ephraim, which has been dry since 1853 because of … [ Read more]

Ephraim, Wisconsin’s last dry town, to vote on beer and wine sales

Ephraim, Wisconsin, may be well-known for its fish boils and beautiful views of Lake Michigan, but one thing it’s not known for is alcohol. That’s because this small village has been dry since its founding in 1853. Today, Ephraim is the last dry municipality in Wisconsin, though that could change this April when the historic alcohol ban will … [ Read more]

The increasingly blurry line between brewpubs and breweries

Brewpubs and breweries both have “brew” in their titles and both places serve beer; and that’s largely where the similarities between the two business models end—or at least where they used to. Brewpubs and breweries are separate entities, each with its own definition and set of possibilities and limitations, and each offering owners very different business opportunities. However, the legislation passed in … [ Read more]

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Deep Ellum Brewing is suing the State of Texas

According to the Brewers Association, Texas had 117 licensed craft breweries and brewpubs at the end of 2014. But under current beer laws, the Lone Star State doesn’t treat them equally—and that’s unconstitutional. At least that is what Dallas-based Deep Ellum Brewing alleges in a formal complaint it lodged against the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. The brewery’s argument is … [ Read more]

The Pint Law, a Year Later

  It has been a progressive year for the Minnesota beer scene since the passing of the Surly Bill just over a year ago, and the momentum keeps building. The efforts of the brewing community to create better business opportunities for themselves has been wholly supported by their consumers, and for the most part, legislators … [ Read more]