Stone R & R Coconut IPA

Stone Brewing ABV: 7.7%, IBU: 90 R&R Coconut IPA is a collage of flavors. This beer pours with a nice, golden color and has a fruity nose filled with coconut complimented with citrusy hops.  The subtle sweetness won’t overwhelm your palate as it blends perfectly with the fruity hops. R&R finishes hoppy with a nice bitterness … [ Read more]

Two Brothers Hop Centric Double IPA

Two Brothers Brewing ABV: 9.9%, IBU: 100.1 Two Brothers Hop Centric is a force to be reckoned with, folks. Clocking in at 9.9% ABV and 100.1 IBUs this double IPA is not a mere sidekick, but a show-stopping juggernaut. The perfect golden amber complexion is complimented a strong, fruity nose. Hop Centric is very rich with … [ Read more]

Southern Tier Imperial Compass APA

Southern Tier Brewing ABV: 9% Southern Tier Compass is a very interesting beer. Citrus hops truly dominate. Hints of grape pop out as this beer finishes a lot like a hoppy champagne. Slightly bubbly, this bottle conditioned ale has a light body with a sweet bitterness. Imperial Compass pours a nice hazy gold is a truly … [ Read more]

Clown Shoes Galatica IPA

Clown Shoes Brewing ABV: 8%, IBU: 86 Galactica is a big, full-bodied IPA from Clown Shoes (Mercury Brewing) out of Ipswich, Massachusetts. The out-of-this-world hop profile comes from a massive, dry-hop dose of Galaxy hops. This well balanced East-Coast take on a West-Coast IPA, will have you travelling the cosmos in search of the hop-staff wielding heroine … [ Read more]

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Wild

Lagunitas Brewing ABV: 8.8% Fresh off the truck from Petaluma, California, Lagunitas brings us Little Sumpin’ Wild, the seasonal offering of their year-round staple,  Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. Lagunitas got a little help from their friends in Belgium by using Westmalle Trappist Yeast in this pale wheat ale. Weighing in at a hefty 8.8% ABV, this golden straw … [ Read more]

Tyranena Hop Whore IPA

Tyranena Brewing ABV: 7.5% Lake Mills, Wisconsin’s Tyranena really banged one out with this Imperial IPA from the Brewers Gone Wild series. Hop Whore has a rich, bronze colored body with all the right curves!  The well-rounded citrus hop profile and voluptuous sugary-sweet backside will surely leave you lusting for more!  At 7.5% ABV, this temptress pairs … [ Read more]

New Belgium Coconut Curry Hefeweizen

New Belgium Brewing ABV: 8%, IBU: 14 Take a leap of faith with Coconut Curry Hefeweizen from New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series. This truly unique beer has a bright and hazy golden color, that would leave King Midas himself envious!  It’s 8% ABV is flawlessly disguised among a menagerie of spice notes including cinnamon, nutmeg and … [ Read more]

Lift Bridge Tuned

Lift Bridge Brewing Co. ABV: 6.5% Lift Bridge turned it on and cranked it to 11 with Tuned, a traditional American brown ale with a hopped-up aroma and taste, thanks to generous dry-hopping. At 6.5 % ABV, this rich, dark brown ale is the perfect accompaniment to broasted chicken or turkey. Lift Bridge is the first … [ Read more]

Great Lakes 25th Anniversary IPL

Great Lakes Brewing Company ABV: 7.5%, IBU: 50 In the glass, it appears as most IPAs do: amber, with a bit of haze. The aroma is unmistakable as that of a huge pilsner such as Odell Brewing’s Double Pilsner with a touch of pine. To the taste, this one was bready, woody, with hints of … [ Read more]

Lift Bridge Hop Dish IPA

Lift Bridge Brewing Company ABV: 7.5%, IBU: 70 IBU With a nose in the glass, we were welcomed with huge piney fruit scents, apricots, and a minor floral aroma. Lift Bridge Hop Dish IPA is rich copper in color. On the tongue Hop Dish is bold with a degree of sweetness up front followed by a welcomed, … [ Read more]

Blue Blood All Hopped Up IPA

Blue Blood Brewing Company ABV: 7% Blue Blood All Hopped Up IPA one pours a deep amber in color. Mellow notes of citrus are evident upon first sniff. In general, the aroma is quite soft and welcoming. The first gulp unleashes a malty beast of a beer followed by huge bitterness that’s almost smoky. As it … [ Read more]

Deschutes Obsidian Stout

Deschutes Brewery ABV: 6.4%, IBU: 55 The transfer from bottle to the glass was similar to changing motor oil. Deschutes Obsidian Stout is black as the night and noticeably thick. A rich, dark head follows the pour. The aroma is huge; complex. Licorice, anise, coffee, espresso, vanilla, and roasted/smoked malt are all unmistakable in this one. The … [ Read more]

Big Wood Bark Bite IPA

Big Wood Brewing ABV: 6.6%, IBU: 66 Big Wood is getting a lot of notice as of late, and rightfully so. They are brewing great beers and Bark Bite is no exception. Pouring a light golden color, the aroma won’t jump out at you by no means. You still get a nice scent of citrus … [ Read more]

Profiling Pilsner (And Dashing Its Bad Rap)

This Style Profile mounts a passionate defense of an “ordinary” beer. By Michael Agnew, A Perfect Pint  Illustrations by DWITT  Anyone who has talked to me at any length about beer knows that in my world, pilsner is the perfect beer. People are often taken aback by this. “Why pilsner?” they ask. “I would expect … [ Read more]

Reviews by Heritage Liquor 1347 Frost Ave, Maplewood, MN 55109 651-777-7455 We’re a diamond in the rough. Don’t be fooled by the less than desirable exterior, the foundation for this store was built on a deep passion for craft beer. Emphasizing customer service and one of the best craft beer selections in Minnesota, we strive to have that … [ Read more]