Season’s Eatings: The science behind seasonal cravings

Ever done a happy dance in front of a shelf of Oktoberfest or crate of Honeycrisp apples in fall? Or sighed with glee as you’ve sunk your teeth into fresh, buttery corn on the cob in the summer? We’ve talked to a few Midwest food scientists to get to the bottom of what’s behind our … [ Read more]

Study: The music you’re listening to impacts how your beer tastes

A Belgian researcher has found that people’s perception of the beer they’re drinking can be influenced by the music they’re listening to, according to a story in the Daily Mail. Or, as Dr. Felipe Carvalho of Vrije Universiteit Brussel puts it in much more science-y terms, “For the first time we have demonstrated that it is … [ Read more]

The Science of Beer Bottle Tapping

The Atom-Bomb Inside Your Bottle It’s a classic—and most infuriating—college prank. You crack open a new bottle of your favorite brew and your friend gives one hard tap on top of your bottle creating a volcanic eruption of suds gushing to the floor. Done right, the result of the beer bottle tap is an almost … [ Read more]

Beer in Space — Thanks to an Ambitious Colorado 6th Grader

By Joseph Alton, @JoeAlton Michal Bodzianowski may be too young to enjoy a pint of beer, but he’s old enough to understand its contribution to science. The eleven-year-old sees beer  as “an important factor in future civilization as an emergency backup hydration and medical source” for astronauts who may need antiseptics and an alternative source of potable water. Now … [ Read more]

Beer Chemistry and History 101 with Gerri at Summit

Gerri Kustelski takes a break from the quality assurance department to teach us about beer. by Becky Lang Gerri Kustelski a chemist at the Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul, where she heads up quality assurance for their analytical lab. Photo by Carey Matthews. More than 50 years ago, Gerri Kustelski found the beer industry … [ Read more]