Boom Island Belgian-style homebrewing competition returns

Boom Island Brewing Company today announced the return of its Belgian-style Homebrewing Competition as a part of the annual Boom Days festival, July 15-17. The Boom Days festival honors Belgian National Day, and the Belgian-style Homebrewing Competition is Boom Island’s way to give homebrewers an opportunity to partake in the celebration. Participants must submit Belgian-style beer to qualify ($7 … [ Read more]

Brouwerij Van Steenberge Piraat Belgian Ale

Brouwerij Van Steenberge Piraat Belgian Ale 10.5% ABV A nice, puffy white head persists with lively carbonation below the surface. The foam is not excessive, as is often the case with Belgian beers. The nose showcases the distinctive Belgian yeast with a slight pruney character in the background. The head retention and the bubbly mouthfeel … [ Read more]

Dark Horse Sapient Trip Ale

Dark Horse Brewing Company Sapient Trip Ale 9.5% ABV, 34 IBU This Belgian-style tripel is cloudy orange in color with the whitest head you can possibly have. An apricot aroma with a slight sting of bitterness mingles with notes of banana and caramel, as well as some slightly aggressive hop bitterness. What does all that … [ Read more]

Homebrew Recipe: Saison Classic

This recipe appears in Michael Dawson’s book, “Mashmaker: A Citizen-Brewer’s Guide to Making Great Beer at Home.” Learn more at Brewer, author, gastronome, and beer critic Garrett Oliver said, “[I]f I were forced to choose one style to drink with every meal for the rest of my life, saison would have to be it.” It’s one … [ Read more]