Bordeaux Buyer’s Guide

Wine drinkers and non-drinkers alike know the term “Bordeaux.” Images of stuffy cigar lounges filled with haughty white folk come to mind, or perhaps an expansive and expensive cellar full of out-of-reach wines for us, everyday people. An honest look at the whole of Bordeaux, however, reveals a large winegrowing region filled primarily with modest … [ Read more]

Bordeaux website launches to crowd-fund wine production

A website launched by a Bordeaux entrepreneur is allowing anyone with €1,000 to invest in the world’s greatest wine region. Wine-Funding allows internet users to buy a stake in an emerging or renovating wine domains, in exchange for a share of finished wine later on. There are only a few projects live on the site right now, … [ Read more]

Wine theme park opens in Bordeaux

La Cité du Vin, or the City of Wine, has opened its doors in Bordeaux, France, the region long associated with some of the world’s finest wines. The 10-story building features over 20 interactive exhibits, including a virtual trip on a wine merchant ship down the Gironde River, and a tasting exhibit, where visitors learn to … [ Read more]

Fancy wine news: Auctions, fraud, and 1892 d’Yquem

Here’s your international fancy wine news of note for late May: Wine experts took a taste of some 19th century wines (above) found in Becov Castle in the Czech Republic. The 133 bottle stash was hidden along with the Shrine of St. Maurus (said to hold the bones of John the Baptist) under the floorboards of … [ Read more]

Chinese wine region to institute Bordeaux-like hierarchy

Officials in the north central Chinese region of Ningxia have announced plans for a five-tiered hierarchy of quality designations among their wineries, much like the one that ranks the chateaux in Bordeaux, France. Ningxia wine has shown incredible potential as of late, even besting wines from Bordeaux in blind tasting competitions. Ningxia hopes that the … [ Read more]

Global Warming forcing Bordeaux to find Merlot Alternative

Merlot vines cover about 60 percent of the red wine-growing areas of France’s legendary Bordeaux region. Global warming may change that soon. Merlot is among the earliest-ripening grapes in Bordeaux, and if temperatures continue to rise as expected, it may no longer be viable for their blends. Overripe merlot is intensely fruity and high in … [ Read more]

Bordeaux winemaker sets world record for Most Valuable Nose

Ilja Gort of Chateau La Tulipe, a Bordeaux winemaker, recently set a world record with his nose. The Netherlands-born chateau owner insured his nose for 5 million euro with Lloyds of London back in 2008, and now set the Guinness World Record for the “most valuable nose.” Gort isn’t the only person to insure body … [ Read more]