Fair State Mixed-Fermentation: Bricoleur #2 and Lichtenhainer

Two updates from the mixed-fermentation program at Fair State Brewing Co-op: Last Thursday (August 25th) they released Bricoleur #2. It’s made from the same Bohemian Pilsner malt and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops in their Pils, and is fermented two different ways. The final beer is a blend of 80% stainless steel-fermented Brett, and 20% barrel-fermented sour beer (Brett, Lacto, and Pedio all present). The idea … [ Read more]

The State of Sours: An update on Minnesota’s funkiest beers

Minnesota brewers are becoming fixated on mixed-fermentation [Editor’s Note: This post will continue to be updated with more news on sours made by Minnesota’s breweries] A whole new segment of Minnesota beer has turned sour. Or maybe not sour—that makes it sound like a mistake. These beers are intentionally tart and astringent, funky and wild. “Sour beer” is … [ Read more]

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Boom Island releasing Triple Brett – which is not as intense as it sounds

The newest entry to Boom Island Brewing‘s Spontaneous Series, Triple Brett, is slated for release on Friday, May 13 at 6pm. As the name implies, Triple Brett has been fermented simultaneously with three different strains of Brettanomyces yeast. It’s then aged for 10 weeks in French oak red wine barrels. “[The process of creating Triple Brett] is taking elements … [ Read more]

New beer alert: Fair State Saison Drei

Anyone who’s tasted Fair State Brewing Cooperative‘s sour beers has to admit they’ve shown an above-average command of those funky yeasts. Beginning this Thursday, December 17, their new Brettanomyces-aged saison looks to continue that reputation. Saison Drei is their new pale, rustic saison. Head brewer Niko Tonks (above) says he “modeled this beer after some of the beers … [ Read more]

Sneak Peek: Sisyphus Brewing

“Aye, and I saw Sisyphus in violent torment, seeking to raise a monstrous stone with both his hands. Verily he would brace himself with hands and feet, and thrust the stone toward the crest of a hill, but as often as he was about to heave it over the top, the weight would turn it back, … [ Read more]

Leidel’s Hebron Cider

 By John Garland Mitch Leidel’s family has been on the same plot of land north of La Crescent, MN since the mid-1800s. His great-grandfather planted the orchard in 1917, on which his grandfather worked his entire life. Looking for new sources of revenue to keep the farm alive, Leidel’s Cider was born after consultation with Levi Funk (a … [ Read more]