Want a BrewDog Brewpub in your city? Be a ‘punk’

BrewDog, the Scottish craft brewer building an American-based production brewery in Columbus, Ohio, announced that it will build a BrewDog brewpub in any U.S. city where 500 people invest in the company’s “Equity for Punks” campaign. Equity for Punks is a fundraising campaign in which BrewDog aims to raise $50 million by selling 1,052,632 shares of Common Stock in … [ Read more]

BrewDog reveals name of spirits operation; Lone Wolf Distillery

The enigmatic Scottish brewery, BrewDog, has revealed the name of its spirits project, Lone Wolf, as well as a few plans for its upcoming spirits. Once their stills begin heating up, they will become the only craft distillery in Scotland to be making their own base spirit for gin and vodka under one roof. It’s … [ Read more]

23 BrewDog beers to carry Vegan Society trademark

The backlash against isinglass continues. Last November, Guinness announced they would no longer use the fish bladder byproduct to fine their legendary stout. Now, BrewDog, the rogue Scottish brewery, announced that 23 of their beers will carry the Vegan Society trademark, officially certifying them as free of animal products. BrewDog never used isinglass to begin … [ Read more]

Scotland’s BrewDog to Open U.S. Brewery

BrewDog, Scotland’s largest craft brewery, is opening a new facility in Columbus, Ohio, and expanding its distribution in the U.S. The brewery, known for its flagship Punk IPA and high-ABV beers like its 41% Sink the Bismark!, announced it’s building a 100,000 square foot facility on a 42-acre site in Columbus that will house a 100-barrel brewery, canning and bottling line, … [ Read more]

The Mill: Art Crawl, Fall Fetes, BrewDogs and more

The Mill is getting breezy. We’re weathering the gusts and sneaking in some long bike rides. We’re playing Kubb before the snow blankets our fields (have you found Issue 16 yet? If not #snagamag now!). What’s on tap for you this week in The Mill? Tweet us @growlermag. Events: First two dozen pints come with … [ Read more]