Hear ye, hear ye: Bud Light gets Medieval on Modist with creative cease-and-desist

Dilly, dilly! You may have heard the silly phrase thrown around between at the bar or tailgates recently, thanks to a Bud Light commercial that went viral a few months back. Heck, you may have used “dilly dilly” yourself. But one craft brewer was just served up perhaps the most creative cease-and-desist of the year … [ Read more]

Garret Oliver hits back at David Chang’s love affair with shitty beer

If you’ve been paying attention to any beer-related Twitter feeds the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen chef David Chang’s controversial GQ opinion piece berating “beer snobs” and the craft beer they hold so dear. Garret Oliver, Brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery and author of The Oxford Companion to Beer, certainly took note. For those of … [ Read more]