Round Two: Why Raul Gracia Turned From Boxing to Butchery

At Target Center on January 12, 2007, Raul Gracia was winning a fight against Bobby “Sweet Dreams” Kliewer. In the fourth and final round, Raul figured he was ahead on the scorecards. He got cocky. “Come on Bobby, hit me!” he taunted. With 15 seconds left in the match, Bobby did just that. In hindsight, that was the punch that … [ Read more]

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10 Prime Minnesota Butcher Shops

Minnesotans have plenty of options when it comes to where they buy their meat, but these 10 butchers are The Growler editorial team’s favorites in the state. They offer their customers the personal touch of the small, neighborhood market with the knowledge that comes from generations of hands-on experience. Have your own favorite local butcher? See … [ Read more]