Earth, Wind and Fire: West Coast vineyards are now faced with the challenge of smoke-tainted grapes

It has been a horrifying couple of seasons of wildfires in both California and Oregon wine country. Vineyards have had to ensure their harvests deliver a product free of “smoke taint,” which occurs when wood burns and releases a compound called guaiacol that can drift on the fiery winds, onto grapes, and through their skins. … [ Read more]

Through the Grapevine: 6 experts weigh in on the world of modern wine

Illustrations by Brent Schoonover Your local wine store has a thousand different bottles. Half of the labels aren’t in English. New trends arise with every vintage, and it’s hard to know which to chase and when to stick to your go-to bottle instead. Fortunately, we know a few wine experts in the Twin Cities. So … [ Read more]

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Napa Valley pioneer Peter Mondavi dies at 101

Peter Mondavi Sr., president of the Charles Krug Winery in Napa Valley, died last Saturday at the age of 101. Peter was born to Italian immigrants Cesare and Rosa Mondavi in Virginia, Minnesota in 1914. His first job in the wine trade was nailing together crates for his father’s grape shipping business during Prohibition. The family bought the Krug Winery in … [ Read more]

Uber launches Winery Tour transportation in California

In the sleepy Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County, you’ll find over 100 vineyards. And where there are day-drinkers, there is Uber. Everyone’s favorite transportation disrupters, Uber has launched UberWine to break into the self-directed wine tour market. The drivers wait in the parking lot of the wineries while you swill your syrah, making them the … [ Read more]