In Ontario, Great Lakes Make Great Wine

Wine from the Great Lakes region can feel like a one-trick pony—mostly white and mostly sweet. But venture to the eastern reaches of the area and you’ll find microclimates well-suited to grow riesling, cabernet franc, chardonnay, and pinot noir. And in Ontario, these grapes not only grow, but are nurtured into finished wines worthy of … [ Read more]

Three Canadians land in jail after mistaking hops for marijuana

Meanwhile in Canada… three residents of Charlottetown in the province of Prince Edward Island were arrested after attempting to get their hands on marijuana grown on a Stratford-area farm. According to a report by CBC News, the three adults were quickly taken into custody after the owner of the farm called authorities to report trespassers near … [ Read more]

Chasing the Beer Scene in the Canadian Rockies

The Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada, was not the first place I thought to visit when I weighed my options for a weeklong road trip to check out some craft breweries. This stretch of the Rockies in southeastern British Columbia is known for incredible powder in the winter and a wealth of activities in … [ Read more]

The Wide World of Beer with Stephen Beaumont: Touring Toronto’s Brewery Renaissance

For many years, Toronto was a relatively brewery-deprived city. I mean, yes, there were breweries, including one of Ontario’s first—the now-defunct Upper Canada Brewing—along with a few early brewpubs. But compared with other cities, even other Canadian cities such as Victoria and Montréal, there wasn’t a whole lot to be had. Fortunately, that’s all changed … [ Read more]

Canadian Consulate organizing first-ever craft brewers trade mission

How can U.S. craft breweries benefit from increased trade with Canadian ingredient and equipment suppliers? That’s the question at the core of the first-ever craft brewing trade mission being organized by the Minneapolis office of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. The two-day mission (with an optional third day) will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, … [ Read more]

Chasing the Beer Scene in Stratford, Ontario

Minneapolis–St. Paul has been ranked as “the best” on several national lists. It’s not surprising. We have abundant green space, a sophisticated bike lane and trail system, world-class theaters, and a wide variety of boutiques, high-end restaurants and, of course, breweries. Now, imagine all that the Twin Cities have to offer and squish it down … [ Read more]

Lululemon teams with Stanley Park Brewing to create Curiosity Lager

Because craft beer and tight pants are a pairing the world desperately needs more of, lululemon has teamed up with Stanley Park Brewing to create Curiosity Lager. The beer’s August 15 release coincides with the SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Sunset Festival, a popular race in lululemon and Stanley Park’s hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. More information about … [ Read more]