What wine lovers really want

The 2015 Gallo Consumer Wine Trends Survey uncovered many things about wine drinkers in America: 35% consider themselves to be “wine adventurers.” (25% chose “novice,” 20% “traditionalist,” 11% “brand loyalist,” 3% “imposter,” 3% “snob,” and 3% “other.”) 85% of frequent wine drinkers believe wine is appropriate for both casual and formal settings. 95% would try … [ Read more]

Is canned wine the next big thing?

Craft brewers have long known the benefits of packaging product in aluminum cans. It keeps the beer fresher longer, is more recyclable, and is less costly to transport. But the stigma of bland macro-beer associated with cans was difficult for craft beer drinkers to swallow. But craft beer drinkers have seen the light and are driving a can craze that … [ Read more]