St. Paul’s first plant-based restaurant, J. Selby’s, now open

All vegetarians and vegans have their own reasons for choosing a diet free of meat and other animal products. For former physician Matt Clayton, it was simply to run faster. “It’s not complicated at all,” he chuckles. “I was very stagnant in my half-marathon time and was looking for something to give me an edge … [ Read more]

Tent Tasting & 3 Good Rosés with Chuck Kanski of Solo Vino

The premier wine tasting event of the season is Sunday, May 15, and this year it’s bigger and better than ever. “We have some people from out of state that even fly back for this event every year,” says Chuck Kanski of Solo Vino (pictured, below). “It’s all about having fun in the sun, and celebrating a … [ Read more]

Revival announces Cathedral Hill location

Glorious news for St. Paul—Revival’s fried chicken is making the climb up Cathedral Hill. Nick Rancone signed a lease for the former Cheeky Monkey spot on Selby Avenue, next to Solo Vino, with plans to open Revival #2 sometime in the early summer. Two changes from the original location are in the works: a full … [ Read more]

W.A. Frost to celebrate 40th anniversary, Feb. 23-24

W.A. Frost and Company celebrates its first 40 years as one of the premier restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities with a two-night-long birthday party, February 23-24. The Cathedral Hill restaurant and bar will feature a selection of favorite appetizers from past and present menus, along with live entertainment and prizes, each of the … [ Read more]

The Commodore Bar & Restaurant Opens Today

There are mirrors everywhere. And where there aren’t mirrors, the surfaces are shiny and reflective. You can literally see yourself drinking at the Commodore, and with this kind of atmosphere, that’s a treat in itself. The Commodore Bar and Restaurant reopens to the public today, after some thirty years as a private events space. And … [ Read more]

The Commodore to Reopen October 27 after 30-Year Hiatus

News from the Everything Old Is New Again file: the Commodore Bar and Restaurant will reopen to the public on October 27, after having operated as a private events space since 1984. The Jazz Age hotspot at 79 Western Avenue in Cathedral Hill will feature regional spirits (defined as “one that is within an overnight’s drive … [ Read more]