Ao Yun: The luxury blend to put Chinese wine on the map?

Luxury goods conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy (LVMH) has released the first vintage of Ao Yun: a wine they hope will be a landmark product in China’s quest to produce world class wine. Ao Yun (“roaming cloud”) is grown in four villages in Deqin, in Yunnan province—a remote locale in China’s deep Southwest. The site was … [ Read more]

Chinese wine region to institute Bordeaux-like hierarchy

Officials in the north central Chinese region of Ningxia have announced plans for a five-tiered hierarchy of quality designations among their wineries, much like the one that ranks the chateaux in Bordeaux, France. Ningxia wine has shown incredible potential as of late, even besting wines from Bordeaux in blind tasting competitions. Ningxia hopes that the … [ Read more]