Quote from St. Paul Central senior’s moving essay will appear on Chipotle bags & cups

Fue Xiong is a 17 year-old senior at St. Paul Central High School. Originally from Thailand, his heart-wrenching essay, “Two Minutes About Sardines,” was selected by Chipotle as one of ten winners in their “Cultivating Thought” essay contest, which invited middle and high school students to submit a 1,700-character essay about a time when food created … [ Read more]

Surly creates rhubarb saison for 2015 Chipotle Cultivate Festival

Photos by Aaron Davidson For the second year, Surly Brewing Company has brewed a beer for the Chipotle Cultivate Festival in Minneapolis. Your one-and-only chance to taste it is Saturday, August 22, from 11am—7pm in Loring Park, but The Growler crew was lucky enough to get an exclusive first taste on Wednesday. Last year, Surly’s Cultivate … [ Read more]

The Mill: State Fair, Third Bird and other Big Deals

The Mill is ready to get together. And we’ll bring you complete coverage on Thursday’s coming chaos in St. Paul. In the meantime, tell us who is the best in local beer: submit your nominations for Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal 2014. Yesterday’s News: Bent Brewstillery will re-open their taproom this Thursday, August 21st beginning at 2pm. Check out … [ Read more]