Brooklyn Brewing Company Black Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Brewing Company Black Chocolate Stout 10.0% ABV Brooklyn was a pioneer in the craft beer movement and has been brewing this Russian imperial stout since 1994. It pours like oil and is pitch black in the glass with a dark mocha head that fades quickly. The chocolate malt stands out and the roasted malts … [ Read more]

Third Street Brewery Sugar Shack

Third Street Brewery Sugar Shack ABV: 6.5% I wanted to try this beer because it sells well at our store. The smell is full of brown sugar and roasted coffee notes. At first sip it is roasty and a little nutty, then moves into malty smoothness. Then it is followed by a brown sugar sweetness that … [ Read more]

Rush River Brewing Company Nevermore

Rush River Brewing Company Nevermore ABV: 8% This beer smells of pure chocolate and cream. This beer lives up to its name CHOCOLATE throughout the palate. It is not a bitter chocolate but more of a milk chocolate. It is not overly sweet, so the flavors do not linger to long on the palate. This Oatmeal … [ Read more]