The Coffee Wizard of Sister Bay: Ryan Castelaz ushers in the ‘Fourth Wave’ at Discourse Coffee

If you want to experience the most gonzo, balls-to-the-wall, experimental coffeehouse in the Upper Midwest, you are obligated to leave the Minneapolis–St. Paul metro area and go for a drive into Wisconsin, to the village of Sister Bay on the Door County peninsula. Buried behind the town’s Piggly Wiggly supermarket in a hive-like collection of … [ Read more]

Science of Coffee: The changing chemistry of coffee beans from farm to cup

This feature was underwritten by Peace Coffee. The Growler maintained full editorial control of the content. In modern America, nothing appears more ordinary than a cup of coffee. Coffee is available at gas stations and fast food joints; it’s made in our homes and offices; it’s consumed in upscale cafes and restaurants. Its price and … [ Read more]

Better Camp Eats & Drinks: Best Camp Coffee

This article is a part of The Growler’s Outdoor Guide. Find more tips for outdoor adventure and dining here.  While backcountry camping, a full-flavored, fresh cup of coffee is one of those small luxuries that can lift one’s spirits. But how do you produce the highest quality flavor while keeping the amount of equipment and … [ Read more]

A taste of Minnesota’s coffee scene for National Coffee Day

Coffee in Minnesota has come a long way from your grandma’s percolator. Like craft beer and the slow food movement, Minnesotans are embracing coffee in all its forms. Lucky for us, we’ve got a bevy of new and seasoned purveyors to supply us with all the caffeinated beverages we can drink. Not to be outdone … [ Read more]

Rondo’s Blues: How Golden Thyme Coffee & Café became a destination for discourse in St. Paul’s black community

Where is the heart of the black community, currently, in the Twin Cities? Where do African Americans gather to engage and deliberate, publicly, about issues pressing them today? If you had asked me 10 years ago—before my relocation to Harlem—I would’ve told you El-Amin’s on Broadway Avenue, Big E’s Soul Food on Nicollet Avenue, maybe … [ Read more]

Beers for non-beer people

When you love beer, you want to share it. One challenge, though, is that for many people there’s a notion that “beer” is just “fizzy corn water with a touch of alcohol.” The dominance of macro light lager in the marketplace for so long has convinced many people that beer only means one thing, and … [ Read more]

Peace Coffee marks 20 years of growth without sacrificing values

This year, Peace Coffee celebrates its 20th year in fair trade coffee. Throughout its history, the Minnesota-based company has expanded from one roaster to two, delved into the retail space, and added two locations. But one thing still remains the same: its focus on creating great tasting, ethically sourced coffee that supports the coffee farmer. … [ Read more]

The Right Roast: Getting the most flavor out of a coffee bean

The coffee we drink comes from the seed of the coffee cherry, commonly called a bean despite its not actually being a legume. That’s just one of many facts often overlooked while clumsily sipping that cup of light roast in the morning rush to get to work on time. Though coffee is firmly a part … [ Read more]

Blackeye Roasting Co. soft-opens on Friday, July 1

Blackeye Roasting Co., whose nitro cold press coffee you may have seen with increasing frequency at bars and restaurants around the Cities, is set for a soft-open at 3740 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis this Friday, July 1. Expect cold press on tap, as well as fresh brewed coffee, kombucha, and more. [H/t Eater]

Blackeye Roasting Co. to open cafe in Minneapolis skyway

Blackeye Roasting Co., the Twin Cities-based company known for its cold brew coffee, announced today that it will open its first Minneapolis location this spring. The 18-seat cafe will be located in the skyway at the corner of 2nd Avenue South and South 4th Street (2nd Ave S., Suite 210) and will feature 10 tap lines … [ Read more]

Blackeye Roasting launches canned cold brew

St. Paul’s Blackeye Roasting Co. is debuting both a Signature and Nitro version of cold brew coffee in 12-ounce cans on April 1. They will be available at SuperAmerica, select Whole Foods locations, and other retailers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. “The Blackeye Signature Cold Brew has a crispy and slightly sweet taste that is traditional of cafe … [ Read more]

Starbucks tiptoes into Italy

Each week, roughly 90 million people pass through a Starbucks in one of the 70 countries that house its coffee shops. One country not on that list: Italy. That will change early next year, however, when Starbucks opens its first shop in Milan, reports The New York Times. Starbucks chairman and chief executive Howard D. Schultz announced … [ Read more]

Hops + Malt + Coffee = Big Watt Brewers Press

It seems like every brewer is adding cold press coffee to craft beer these days, but you may not yet be familiar with coffee roasters adding hops to cold press. It’s a delicate balance—both hops and coffee have intensely flavored acids that will clash if a brewer isn’t careful. Big Watt founders Jason Westplate and Lee Carter have come up … [ Read more]

Matt McGinn wants to give you a Blackeye

Photos by Brian Kaufenberg Matt McGinn is fighting for tap lines at Minnesota bars and restaurants. It’s not surprising considering the hundreds of craft breweries vying for the same coveted real estate. What is surprising is that his company’s tap handles aren’t dispensing pints of craft beer. Instead, they’re pouring handcrafted cold brew coffee on … [ Read more]

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London Calling at Five Watt Coffee

I was worried that gourmet coffee in the Twin Cities was in danger of shark-jumping. I’ve often strolled into one of Minneapolis’ polished java palaces only to remember something that makes me angry about “coffee”. And by “coffee” in quotation marks, I mean that all-encompassing attitude and aesthetic that subsumes high-end coffee shops and has nothing … [ Read more]