Cognac and Calvados

Cognac and Calvados are staples of the French countryside, and no one produces higher-quality spirits than Bache-Gabrielsen and Domaine du Coquerel. Join us at Black Dog Cafe in Lowertown, St. Paul as we feature two Calvados from Domaine du Coquerel and four Cognacs from Bache-Gabrielsen, two of the finest producers in France. We are excited … [ Read more]

Mix This Now: Brandy cocktail recipes

As part of our look at why brandy seems to be bringing up the rear of the local, small-batch spirits craze, we put together a few cocktail ideas that incorporate the spirit. For starters, a good mixing brandy like Raynal XO ($30) is an able stand-in for whiskey in most cocktails. Heck, even your dusty … [ Read more]

There’s Something About Brandy

For all the excitement about local small-batch spirits, why is brandy lagging behind? Somewhere in Wisconsin at this very moment, a cherry and an orange slice are being muddled in a glass. They’re being pulverized with a sugar cube and a dash of bitters. A few ice cubes get added, then a slug of rail brandy … [ Read more]

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John Malkovich Stars in “100 Years,” a Film to be Released in 2115

Unless the science of aging takes some incredible leaps in the next few decades, none of us will be able to see “100 Years”, a new film starring John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It will debut at the Domaine du Grollet in Cognac, France, on November 18, 2115. The film is the brainchild of … [ Read more]