BYO Bartender: What’s the allure behind self-pour taprooms?

Consider the self-pour taproom an antidote to “Give me the usual.” The concept—inviting customers to belly right up to the taps and serve themselves ounce by ounce—is driven by endless exploration and beer rotation. It’s the Snapchat of drinking experiences. And while Minnesota’s earliest iteration of the self-pour taproom, Community Keg House, fell flat in … [ Read more]

Craft beer franchises a growing U.S. trend

The growing popularity of craft beer is obvious in many ways. The number of craft breweries is higher than it ever has been in U.S. history. More restaurants are featuring food and beer pairing menus. The Brewers Association reported a 16% increase in overall craft beer retail in 2015. Another indicator is the expansion of such … [ Read more]

Community Keg House hopes to pair taproom vibe with beer bar selection

“I love craft beer bars,” says Nate Field, owner/director at the soon to open Community Keg House. “But the frustrating thing is they have 50 beers all next to each other. It’s so busy and it’s hard to get information.” Field wanted a more direct source of information: a place that combines the relaxed, stay-as-long-as-you-want atmosphere … [ Read more]