Drink a Negroni this weekend for charity

Negroni Week is coming to a close—but you still have a two days to get out and drink some bitter red cocktails for a good cause. Check out the 19 Metro-area restaurants serving Negronis (and their own riffs on the classic gin-Campari-vermouth formula) this week and the charities they’re supporting in the process. A few highlights: Our … [ Read more]

Let’s Get Physical: Training for the Bar

  Shove a towel inside a pint glass and twist. Feel the strain in your wrists. Stand up. Don’t sit back down for 10 hours. Dig a scoop of ice out of the well. Really get your back into it. Hoist a shaker over your head. Work it back and forth until the drink is … [ Read more]

Craft Cocktail: Martinus & The Cold Beggar at Constantine

Photos by James Eastman With so many new craft cocktail bars opening, truly new drink experiences are growing fewer and further between. But swirling a slice of fish through a drink and enjoying it, well, that’s a new one for us. “The Minnesota martini—that’s what I’m going for,” says Jourdán Gomez, head bartender at Constantine. … [ Read more]