Will You Brew My Beer?

The once maligned practice of contract brewing is on the rise—and no one seems to care. Aswift-moving forklift pulls pallet after pallet of canned beer from a large cooler and loads them methodically into a trailer truck destined for a distributor. The beer was brewed with the best ingredients to meet detailed specifications of ABV, … [ Read more]

Resurrecting Yoerg—Minnesota’s first beer is back

A basement find at age 10 is still inspiring Tom Keim almost 50 years later. “I found a crusty case of returnables and it was the most beautiful thing,” he recalls. At 10 years old, the Yoerg beer that once filled the bottles didn’t interest him—it was the packaging and the colors. “I was fascinated … [ Read more]

Lake Monster Brewing to Launch Two Beers in Minnesota

By Brian Kaufenberg A new Minnesota-based contract brewery called Lake Monster Brewing is launching its first two beers tomorrow in the Twin Cities. The company is made up of Matt Lange, former assistant brewer at Madison, Wisconsin’s Ale Asylum, and Matt Zanetti, the son of a former Napa Valley vineyard manager. Their first two beers … [ Read more]