Want a BrewDog Brewpub in your city? Be a ‘punk’

BrewDog, the Scottish craft brewer building an American-based production brewery in Columbus, Ohio, announced that it will build a BrewDog brewpub in any U.S. city where 500 people invest in the company’s “Equity for Punks” campaign. Equity for Punks is a fundraising campaign in which BrewDog aims to raise $50 million by selling 1,052,632 shares of Common Stock in … [ Read more]

Funded! Sioux Chef hits $100K Kickstarter goal

Sean Sherman, better known as The Sioux Chef, has reached his $100,000 funding goal on Kickstarter. His project, which received a nice shout-out from the New York Times, is to open the first all-indigenous restaurant highlighting the native cuisines of the upper Midwest. The project reached its goal with a full two weeks left to go. … [ Read more]

Bordeaux website launches to crowd-fund wine production

A website launched by a Bordeaux entrepreneur is allowing anyone with €1,000 to invest in the world’s greatest wine region. Wine-Funding allows internet users to buy a stake in an emerging or renovating wine domains, in exchange for a share of finished wine later on. There are only a few projects live on the site right now, … [ Read more]

Freedom Distilling is a New Distillery Committed to Hiring and Supporting Veterans

A whiskey-centric distillery in Seward has begun a month long funding campaign. Nathan Newhall’s Freedom Distilling Co. will be hire exclusively veterans and make special consideration for those service-disabled. The campaign is driven through their website, offering rewards of locally-made wooden shot glasses, deerskin gloves and long board decks. Newhall hopes to sign a lease … [ Read more]

Show Me the Money: Crowdfunding Your Brewery

A Technical Guide to Securities Laws and Crowdfunding Editor’s note: this content was underwritten by Lommen Abdo Law Firm. This series focuses on legal issues facing small breweries and beverage makers. No legal issue involved with starting a brewery is more complicated and costly than obtaining equity capital. There are numerous requirements in both federal … [ Read more]

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